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  • Welcome to Our Montessori

    On behalf of Agnes Paul Montessori School, Calabar, I extend a very warm welcome to you as you visit our school website; I hope that your tour will give you an insight into the high quality of educational experiences we offer.

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  • Our Ideals

    Our Mission

    To create an engaging environment guided by the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, where kids can challenge learning boundaries to achieve academic and professional excellence.

    Our Vision

    Helping Kids Love to Learn

    Core Values - LEAD

    L eadership
    E xcellence
    A ccountability
    D edication

    Learning Environment

    Our classrooms are spacious and carefully planned by caring adults so that your child, in line with the true Montessori spirit, can have the freedom to exploreand construct. We also have a full range of the Montessori materials

  • History

    Agnes Paul Montessori School, Calabar, was founded in May 2012, and would commence its first academic session by September 2013. It is a privately owned school which is committed to providing Montessori education to children aged 18months – 11years guided by the principles of Dr Maria Montessori so that our children, through self-directed learning, would optimize their educational experience.

    APM has a consulting relationship with Modern Montessori Intl, London, to help it attain and maintain high international standards in line with the Montessori Method of Education.Established in 1989, The Modern Montessori (MMI) Group has been accredited by the prestigious British Accreditation Council (BAC) of the U.K.

    Our highly trained and Montessori certified tutors would work under the direct supervision of the Proprietor to ensure that your kids receive an up-to-date learning resourcesthat would meet our criteria for curriculum fit, social considerations, and age or developmental appropriateness. Our high teacher-pupil ratio is a guarantee of support from us.

    Here at Agnes Paul Montessori School we would help develop your child’s thinking skills, teach your child how to learn, spark your child’s interests in school, and provide your child with applied learning experiences so they can be compassionate, responsible, respectful, and self-motivated.

    The word “education” must not be understood in the sense of teaching but of assisting the psychological development of the child

    Maria Montessori

    Childhood constitute the most important element in an adult’s life, for it is in his early years that a man is made.

    Maria Montessori

    The Hand is the Chief Teacher of the Child.

    Maria Montessori

    Our Aim is not only to make the Child Understand, and still less to force him to memorise, but so to touch his imagination as to enthuse him to his innermost core.

    Maria Montessori

    The most important period of life is period from birth to the age of six; for that is the time when man’s intelligence itself, his greatest implement, is being formed.

    Maria Montessori

    We cannot create observers by saying “observe”, but by giving them the power and the means for this observation and these means are procured through education of the sense.

    Maria Montessori

  • our Programs

    Agnes Paul Montessori School, Calabar, is located in a serene environment. Our classrooms are spacious and carefully planned by caring adults so that your child, in line with the true Montessori spirit, can have the freedom to exploreand construct. We also have a full range of the Montessori materials. All materials are carefully structured and of the finest quality to ensure the safety of your child.

  • Nursery - Super Seeds

    As children of this age group emerge from babyhood, they require both a stimulating and nourishing environment to develop their mental skills. Practical life activities and manipulative play help to develop their motor skills (to learn to move and do), sense of order, independence, concentration, social and emotional development. As they learn fastest through their senses, they will also be involved in activities that stimulate their learning senses (e.g. Sensorial Activities). Early number and languages skills (e.g. Phonics) will be introduced in a fun and engaging way. The children will also have the opportunity for garden and physical activities.

    The toddler area has a nap room and an indoor play area with our toddler-sized toilets to ensure a seamless transition from the potty to the toilet.

    There are two classrooms designed for a limited number of children at any given time to ensure utmost care and guidance. Outdoor play is a part of the daily routine.

  • 3 to 5 Years - Budding Buds

    The core curriculum of a Montessori classroom consists of practical life, sensorial, math, language and cultural subjects. The activities are arranged on low shelving within reach of the children.

    The children are free to choose activities, which capture their interest and new activities are introduced as each child is ready for them. These activities lay the foundation for learning throughout the child's life.

  • Practical Life

    Skills learned in this area of the classroom lay a foundation for the rest of the curriculum. We introduce socialization skills and the work cycle, and practice fine and gross motor skills. The lessons teach responsibility for oneself, others, and the environment. They encourage independence and promote the development of a sense of order.

    Some examples of these lessons are: spooning and pouring, scrubbing, polishing, sewing, food preparation, and grace and courtesy lessons.

  • Sensorial

    These lessons sharpen the senses through comparing and contrasting activities, such as matching, grading, and sequencing objects.

    Together, these activities form the foundation for mathematical, musical and scientific studies. Examples in the Sensorial area are: matching sounds or smells, matching or grading colours, grading by size, and learning plane and solid shapes.

  • Language

    Our language materials are phonetically based and will help your child develop the skills needed for verbal communication, reading and writing.

    Examples in this area include games that provide opportunities for speaking, sandpaper letters for learning the sounds of the alphabet, the movable alphabet for constructing words and sentences, many opportunities for reading, and metal insets of design for perfecting the pencil grip.

  • Arithmeric

    Lessons in this area begin with the very concrete and move to the more abstract. A variety of objects are manipulated to learn basic number concepts; place value is learned through manipulating the golden beads.

    Some examples are: sandpaper numerals for learning the symbols 1–9, the spindle box for understanding the concept of 0, the teens board and tens board for matching quantity and symbol, and the golden beads for understanding the decimal system and performing mathematical operations.

  • Culture

    The cultural subjects are: botany, zoology, science, geography, and history In these areas of the classroom, the children learn to understand and appreciate the world around them.

    To instil Christian values and morals, we teach bible stories through our growing with Jesus. Our curriculum enrichment program includes; swimming, aerobics, music, art and craft, foreign language, and dance.

  • Registration

    Registration is opened for prospective and eligible pupils aged 18months – 3yrs from July 2013. Older children transferring from a Montessori school would be accepted based on our discretion and first come basis. Classes will commence in September 2013.

    Interested Parents Should:

    1. Call the Admin Officer to schedule an appointment for school visit and tour
    2. Schedule an interview with the director to ascertain if APM meets your child needs and developmental goals
    3. When the interview and assessment have been successfully concluded, and a space is available, you will be required to pay an application fee and complete the application forms contained in the admissions packet

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    We are near the Intl. Convention Centre
    off M/MHighway – 500m from the NNPC Mega Station in Calabar


  • Profile and Philosophy

    The Philosophy of Dr Maria Montessori is characterised by an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological development, this would be backed by a spiritual emphasis on true Christian living.

    My passion to deliver on good quality education began at the Modern Montessori International, (London), where my interest in early child development was nurtured. Having seen the critical gaps in existing top schools in the country, I felt that there was a great need for a wholesome education encompassing multi-modality and differentiated learning which the Montessori Method of Education encourages because kids need to be valued as individualsin order to best encourage the strengths and support the weaknesses of each child.

    I have made a great effort to ensure there is a balance of quality with affordability.We are not simply another nursery school. We provide a safe, loving, and inviting atmosphere where your child would feel free to take risks, accept challenges, and make mistakes – because this is how learning takes place

    I welcome your support and engagement and anticipate building upon your success as the initial educator as we build our 21st century leaders! I look forward to your calls, emails, and visits anytime.

    Mrs Agnes Owo, Proprietor

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